MALI: Work
My trip in 1999, was in the height of the dry season ............. hot.  My latest trip, though , ocurred right as
people were harvesting their millet fields.  So, unlike the laid back atmosphere of tea drinking and napping
that Ben, Katie and I , encounterd, this trip was bustling with activity - Every step we took there were people
harvesting and sorting crops, caring for their animals, preparing their compounds, buying - selling, and of
course drinking ataya (tea).  
Harvesting Millet, Amani
Millet stash, Ileri
Preparing Boats, Mopti
Weaving a New Fence, Ibi
Sifting the millet grains, Ileri
Politic as usual when swilling the local  Millet Beer, Ileri Market
Harvesting Baobab Leaves, Neni
Bringing Home the Goods, Ileri & Amani
Coming in from Timbaktu, Mopti