February-March 2003
As the world positioned itself
for war in Iraq, I was sent to
London to get tested for
allergies that were causing
me to have serious asthma
attacks in Sierra Leone.  
Working in Sierra Leone often
you feel very much a part of
the news, however, at the
same time you feel
completely divorced from
world events.  BBC was my
life line.  While Washington
was bullying the world into
war, I listened to my radio
feeling  voiceless.  From our
vantage point it seemed that
we were going to war no
matter what.  That
Washington and its allies
were in tunnel vision and the
world could say nothing to
prevent it.  So,  I felt
extremely fortunate that
during my time in London
people spoke up and
marched.  The following
pictures are when 2 million
people stopped the city to
protest the policies of our
leaders who stopped listening.

A couple weeks later I was
sent to   NYC to see more
doctors to make sure that my
asthma would not hinder my
ability to work in Sierra
Leone.  In between doctor
visits I went down to Lower
Manhattan to see and
participate in the
demonstrations there.  While
smaller than the event I
witnessed in London the spirit
was the same. " What are we
doing? - Stop and Think"
London Anti-War
February 15, 2003
Trafalgar Square
White Hall
The Love of Blair
Churchill Looking On
Hyde Park
International Women's Day
March 1, 2003

Washington Square, New York City
Washington Square
Washington Square
Washington Square
Different Directions
White Hall
White Hall