Gender Based Violence Program:
Adult literacy class Lofa, Liberia
Adult literacy class Lofa, Liberia
The one thing that every Liberian woman will tell you is
that if they could read and write and if they could earn
money they would not be as dependent on their
husbands or other men.  Therefore, it was important
that we try to make sure women access opportunities
that empower their lives.  Our program worked
together with IRC's education sector to setup adult
literacy classes for women.  We also worked with
IRC's  economic opportunities sector who would
establish apprentice programs with a variety of
different local trades people.  they would also train the
women basic business skills, so they could manage
their money, time, and resources better.
Adult literacy Lofa, Liberia
Adult Literacy class Lofa, Liberia
Adult Literacy Class - Lofa, Liberia
Adult Literacy Class - Lofa, Liberia
a seamstress and her instructor - Lofa, Liberia
Hairdressers and their instructor - Lofa, Liberia
Members of the Women's Action Group.  Who's
going to mess with them?  
Voinjama Lofa, Liberia
Women's Center - Lawalzu Lofa, Liberia
Women's Action group in Bakaidou -  Lofa, Liberia

We also wanted to make sure that women worked as a unit to advocate for beneficial
changes in the community.  In the 5 towns we worked in  Voinjama, Kolahun,
Lawalazu, Bakaidou, and Duogomai, women organize themselves into women's
action groups.  In essence, the women action group became a local activist body that
would advocate on behalf of women's concerns in the community.   And in Liberia the
women were ready to push their cause.   By the last month I was in Lofa, members
from women's groups in Voinjama and Kolahun had begun to intervene when a
women was beaten by her husband.  They would bring the man to the local
authorities and demand that he stop this abuse.  The great thing about this is that we
hadn't started our mobilization efforts.  Without our prodding they took the first crucial
steps to stopping violence by standing up and acting.   
me and the women's action group in Lawalzu
Lofa, Liberia
Adult literacy class - Lofa, Liberia