thiopia ......
Lalibella Rock-hewed Churches
The Passage to Yemrahena Monastery
After spending Easter in Geralta, my brother and I continued our discovery of rock-hewed churches.  This time we jumped on a plane to Lalibella.  As
usual the churches in Lalibella town are astounding.  We had been over-dosed, however, on the church thing and wanted to walk it off.  So... we decided
to walk 24 km to Yemrahena  monastery.  24 km walk no problem..........except it was straight down a 1500 ft and then straight up another 1500 ft a gentle
walk across the plateau and the straight down again........in the middle of the African sun.  Basically it started to kill us right at the beginning.  We ended
up walking six or seven hours.  At one point a 10yr old girl walking beside us kept pestering me to carry my pack, which incidentally was far heavier than
Tad's bags as it held the tent, water, and food,.  Finally, wanting to get her off my back (and well....wanting to get the bag off my shoulders) I gave her the
backpack.  My bag was basically as tall as she was and she just skipped off in plastic shoes.  I continued on my sluggish pace, unable to go faster.   When
we finally arrived by sunset, we set up our tent in a yard.  The owners of the house especially the kids and women were amazed by our tent.  We definitely
provided the entertainment for the night.  I think there was a little wrestling and a nuggie between the two of us as well that got a little laugh.   
We continued to walk the next day another unappealing 15km. (although the scenery was gorgeous)  We would have taken a car if there ever was one on the
road.  Along the way we visited a church or two, took a nap, and eventually arrived at Bilbilla, a little hamlet in the middle of ........ no where.  It ended up being a
great town after we shook a si-si from our backs who was trying to sell us whatever he could.  People were amazed that we walked.  The next day we went to a gem
of a little church another 10 km away and barely caught the packed truck to drive us back to Lalibella.  No more walking for that trip.