Ladakh, India
We trekked 10 days through the Zanzakar mountains which bisect the foothills of the Himalayas.  They’re small. Did I say that their higher
than 6000m.  (the highest we trekked or rather gasped was 5010m)  Needless to say the Zanzakar makes you feel so small as the purple,
red, yellow and grey rocks tower above with a tiny monastery perched on ledge far above.  The walk was gorgeous and tiring as we
huffed up passes and meandered through ravines and canyons.  Fields of barley swayed in the wind as leathered Ladaki hands
scythed through their golden stalks for harvest.  The monks low vibrating hum and horn squawk reverberated off cliffs which rock swirled,
jabbed, and careened in its giant mass.  In the monasteries we watch young monks chasing and nudging each other as elder monks
looked on laughing and ticking those young'uns who dared too close.  The mid-age enforcer always snatched one of the imps who
couldn't dodge his grip to do his chores while other monks hovered close, cautiously tapping colored sand that built elaborately
designed Mandala paintings.  Eventually the breeze would demonstrate the impermanence of life as each colored grain would shift
and fly away.  And through all this, Buddha smiled through his many faces.
Day 1: Lamayuru
Day 2: Wanalah
Day 3: Hanupata
Day 4: Photoskar
Day 5: Yulchang
Day 5: Lingset
Day 6-7: Snertse-Hunamil
Day 9: Remai
Day 8: Pindu - Pishnu
Day 10: Padum