Ladakh, India
For a while my brother and I have tried to meet up to travel but with monthly access to the internet, it wasn’t easy.  
When we finally talked I had a month before I had to take my R&R.  My brother suggested Ladakh, India which to me
meant nothing – some place in Kashmir.  I was like great India…..Kashmir….ahhh one war zone to the next. I was thinking
India with mosques no temples, veils no saris, hills.  When I finally googled Ladakh a week before I left I realized how
wrong my visions were.  Ladakh is Tibet……in India…..but Tibetian through and through.  Mosques were monasteries,
imams were saffron and maroon cloaked monks, the minuret call to prayer was replaced by ommmmm and the squawk
of brass horns and the tap of drums reverberating off of the high cliffs of the Himalayas.  
Nepali daily laborers
Tad messing around
monks in the street, Padum
monestary students playing
lighting prayer candles at Lingest monestaery
sorting roasted barley in Padum
monestery students playing at Tiske
Buddha at Tikse Monastery
painting of Buddha at Tikse Monastery
ancient buddha near Kargil
wading through bsrley, Lingset
Shadoe of the choitrum
young monk,  Rangum
get back to work kid!, Humamil
Choitrum and mani stones