In March 2006,  I took a little R&R to Kenya.  It was
great to nap with the lions, rummage with elephants
(which by the way did you notice the  fith leg of that
elephant) and of course, enjoy sundowners around
the camp fire.  One of the nights I got out of the bush
and shot a game of pool with a couple Maasi in with
them at this dump called the “the Country Club”.  
They were courteous enough to throw the game for
me.  I had signed up for a walking safari which I like
to call my little nature walk.  It was gorgeous and
interesting if not exerting……wrestling with the
crocs was not allowed.   So I left the Massai
content, happy, relaxed just a couple of days
hanging out in Lamu… big deal.
WOW!  Lamu is amaaaaaaaaaaazing.  Completely chill and gorgeous.  It is the pinnicle of Swahili culture where people are still
very traditional. All women wear black and cover their face.  You’d walk down winding alleys with incredibly decorative door
frames.  And so pleasant….nobody heckled us.  If they’d try to sell us something a little “no thanks” and they’d walk away ”ok”.
(unimaginable in West Africa).   Where I slept was also so soothing.  I stayed in a B&B called Fatuma’s Tower that is also a yoga
center.  The atmosphere allows people to meet people and enjoy each other’s company …. No locked doors…… private
spacious rooms connected to communal living spaces……the waft of the salt air and the brey of donkeys and scrumptious
food.    And did I mention sailing on a dhow in which the captain, just a local guy, has dreams of dolphins jumping by the bow and
eating fish on a deserted beach looking over the turquoise sea……. Dream or everyday?  It was gorgeous.  Snorkeling along a
reef and red snapper grilled with garlic and lime plus mangos on the side……crystal white beaches with ner a footprint.  And of
course Negronis at Peponi’s with good company as the full moon rose.  And the fish, shrimp, and calamari …………..
aaaaaaauuuuhhhhhh.   Lamu was too short but I’ll be back.
Whistling Acacia
Maasi women dancing and singing
Maasi women
fun with spears
where's the chameleon
Maasi collecting wood and rounding up the herd
where's the chameleon
Take a look at these men
Safari dawn
12 mile beach, Lamu
getting lunch ready
Lunch on a deserted island
Capt. Kev and Capt. Farid