December 2002
The first thing my brother asked
me when he met me at the gate
in Osaka - "What do want to do
while your here?".  Now you
have to understand I never
spoke to my brother personally
about my trip to Japan.  The only
way I could contact him from
Kono was through a sat-phane.  
But, for some reason the
connection to Japan never
worked.  In fact at that point in
time I couldn't even reach my
mohter in Florida (although she
could reach me).  So I had to
call my sister in London to tell
my mother to call me so I could
tell her to tell my brother about
my itenerary, specifically that I
was going to stay with him for
two weeks in December.  Not
only was I unable to contact him
to set up plans but I had no idea
what to expect  while I was in
Japan.  Believe it or not Sierra
Leone, specifically Kono didn't
have much travel liteture on the
East Asian island nation.  So,
the one thing I did know that I
wanted to do was eat.  And I
ate.  I ate a lot.  Ahh.  I love
Japanese food.  From the gate,
Tad took me directly to an Udo
Noodle shop.......mmmm.  This
seemed like the first meal at a
restaurant that wasn't sweat
potato leaf swimming in palm
oil.  It was wonderful.  I think I