In 2000,  I had to do an internship for my masters degree.  I scored a post with IRC working with refugees from Liberia and Sierra Leone.  The
internship was in it's newly established community based gender based violence program in Gueckadou Guinea.  I was supposed to be going
to one of IRC most stable programs and operational areas.  Within 3 months, however, Liberia attacked Guinea burnt down Gueckadou and I
was evacuated back to the States.  By January, IRC wanted to re-establish its programs in Guinea and I applied for the GBV manager position.  
When I returned, we had to establish new camps further away from the border and move 170,000 refugees.  It was a lot of work.
Gueckadou months after the fighting
In Sept. 2001, Brad, Chris and I thought it was time to skip out of the hustle and bustle of Guinea and head to a real war zone for our R&R, Freetown
Sierra Leone.  The war in Sierra Leone was basically wrapping up and Chris wanted to sniff out job opportunities.  Brad and I went down to check out
the beaches.  Little did I know but in five months time all of us would have new jobs in SL
R&R in Sierra Leone