Oh-oh Ghana!  What a great place to
take a little R&R.  Sweet sites.  Super
nice people and totally laid back.  

I spent about 3 weeks in Ghana of
which most of my time was spent along
the coast.  However I did spend a few
days in the Volta Region to spy a few
waterfall and sleep with monkeys.   

Along the coast the main source of
income comes from the sea.  Harbours
are packed with boats and fishermen
mending their nets.  Not so long
ago,however, the cash trade was in
human beings not grouper and crabs.  
Up and down the coast you will find
vestiges of
Cape Coast Castle, Ghana
Fishing Boats, Cape Coast, Ghana
Cape Coast, Ghana
Fishing Boats, Cape Coast, Ghana
Sweets at the fight - Christ KO's the Devil, Cape Coast, Ghana
Window of Fort, Princess town, Ghana
Kids, Princess town, Ghana
Mending fishing nets, Cape Coast, Ghana
Girl, Princess town, Ghana
Cape Coast, Ghana
Girl, Cape Coast, Ghana
Cape Coast, Ghana
Kids, Princess town, Ghana
Cape Coast, Ghana
On the rocks, Princess town, Ghana
African or European Swallow? Princess town, Ghana
the slave trade.   There are a number of forts nestled against the surf of the
Atlantic, that were built, fought over  and occupied by the European powers
of the day; all trying to cash in on misery and heartache.  We all know the
story but visiting the dungeons and hearing the tales of systematic rape
and terrorizing treatment helped remind me of our need to stand up to
injustice.  The slave trade took years to develop into the dimensions of the
image we think of today.  But, if people spoke against the ill treatment of
other's rights early  the ramifications of the slave trade would probably be
less complicated than it is today.

Great places to see are Cape Coast and Elmina.  They both have a lot of
character.  Elmina has the oldest remaining fort, first established by the
Portugese, then owned by the Dutch and finally administed by the British.  
Cape coast was the colonial captal of Ghana. In  both towns there is a nice
mish mash of cultures as old Europe met Africa.  

For a beautiful secluded beach and bit of history travel farther west past
Takoradie to Princesstown.  There is an old German fort that you can lodge
in for the night.  The beach is two miles long and has one of my favorite
memories of my trips.  Walking along the beach as the waves gently
crashed against the shore, I followed footprints in the sand.  Two young
mothers walked a hundred yards ahead with their babies strapped to their
back and carrying 15 liter buckets of fish dried fish on their heads.  Farther
in the distance the fort guarded the area and a teenage boy waited to ferry
me across a small river on his canoe.  You don't get memories like that but
in Africa.  Amazing.
Fort, Princess town, Ghana
Fort in Elmina, Ghana
Castle in Elmina, Ghana
Fort in Elmina, Ghana
View from the Castle. Cape Coast, Ghana
Stairs concubine female slaves would
take to the Govenor's room - Castle in
Elmina, Ghana
buoy shop in Elmina, Ghana
Rice bags in Elmina, Ghana
Elmina, Ghana
Castle in Elmina, Ghana
Elmina, Ghana
"Room of no return" for unrly slaves -
Elmina, Ghana
Castle - Elmina, Ghana
Cape Coast Castle, Ghana
Jesus popping the devil, a popular boat motif - Elmina, Ghana
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Fort, Princess town, Ghana
Fort, Princess town, Ghana
Girl, Cape Coast, Ghana
Mona Monkey in the Volta Region, Ghana
fishing harbour -  Elmina, Ghana
Castle in Elmina, Ghana
Ship building yard - Elmina, Ghana